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Ward speaking to technical writers at a conference in Portland, Oregon. site

YOUTUBE 3nB8ml6UowE Published on May 19, 2015. Ward Cunningham.

Ward's notes on the presentation

Just as the first wiki changed how people write, our new wiki will change how people work. By pushing steadily on two fundamental ideas we have once again uncovered a simpler and more powerful internet.

Ward: Don't want to just writing about the wiki. I want to be able to DO work on the wiki.

Ward: Federation as the distributed evolution of knowledge. Similar to how knowledge moves through a family tree. How do we make things last.

Ward: Inversion. I want to make federation feel like a wiki.

Ward: All the sharing happens in the browser.

Ward: This is a place where you make things permanent.

Ward: Refactoring across sites. Refactoring by moving things around.

Ward : Federation as creative commons manifest.

Ward: Refactgoring is a lot like editing but except it is more dramatic. Moving lot more around. Not editing that MS Word will handle by notes in the margins.

Ward: Federation vs plagiarism. Federation is a model for the future. It's time to get over this ownership thing.

Ward: We're going to inherit stuff over generations.

Ward: Turns your browser from a web browser into a federated browser. Story - items - journal of editing and passing around - actions. Twins - pages like this. Flags. Origin - in the browser tab. Neighbors - tabs at the bottom of the browser. Site map - in searchable text.

Ward: welcome visitors page

Ward: Cmd-I brings up documentation about that editor.

Ward: Two editing items: flag and +. Flag owns and promises to make it better.

Ward: Plugins are widgets in a wiki.

Ward: [federation] Lets me to my stuff on my wiki and you do your stuff on your wiki but it still lets us share. If I like what you're doing, I can grab it and start using it myself.

Ward: A chorus of voices. Competing but sharing to influence others.

Ward: Publoish - Edit - Edit = Relax. People won't come in and change things.

Some notes and illustrations of keeping commonplace books on a wiki.