Worksheet Template

Use this worksheet as a guide through the self-paced phases of our History of Hypertext Assignments.

# Sentences About

You are asked to take at least one of the links, do some research, and write a short page on it. It doesn't have to be a long page. It can be mostly a summary from Wikipedia if you want. Or it can be something much more detailed.

# Idea Mining

In "Idea Mining" we ask students to extract generalizable ideas, patterns, or data from research they complete, media they watch, or experiments they perform.

# Synthesis and Critique

Think of your site as a poster session entry that you are putting together out of other people's materials. You want to use other people's materials to build your poster. But you also want the poster to a) be marginally coherent, and b) reflect your understanding of the issue.

# Discussion

In the Happenings, we will meet once for each assignment as a Google Hangout on Air using pages on different wikis as prompts for discussion. Be sure to sign up for the session you plan to attend.