Wikis Spring 2016

A space for Weblogs and Wikis, spring 2016. Readings, annotations on readings, entry points. Ward would suggest making this it's own wiki space, and perhaps it will become that. But I'm old-school and like to work in a single studio.

Let's Read

Brian Lamb, Wide Open Spaces. Educause, 2014 html or pdf

The original vision of hypertext was textual and timeless. When Bush and Nelson imagined hypertext, they imagined a conversation between documents, data, and other media, not individual banter. Importantly, additions to the conversation were not conceived of as replies, but as *extensions* of a large static but continuously evolving network of knowledge, one that allowed many different paths.

Mike Caulfield argues for a move from streams of response and reaction to gardens of connections, of intentional, designed, thoughtfully constructed spaces.

Mike Caulfield's keynote on The Garden and the Stream blog.