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Welcome to this Fedwiki. My name is M C Morgan.

# for autumn 2018

Fedwiki and Chora or Heuretic Invention

# past

Currently federated wiki software as a Node.js package ready to run on a variety of platforms. This is usefully run on a personal laptop or an industrial server in the cloud. The server software supports a multi-tenant "farm" option useful for small groups or heavy users. npm

Here we collect notes and ideas about how The Federation should evolve - where it is going. See Changes to the Future.

Here we list all the sites we can find in the Federation to do with the way Federated Wiki functions:

Pages where we do and share.

Below we list recent changes from contributors below writing specifically on topics of relevance to the Future of the Federation:

Here we list some current Issues with Fedwiki attached Screen-casts.

Foraging is searching for wild food resources. This page is where I log my attempts to find food, or places where I may find food in the future.

This attempt to collect and understand the history of wiki, as well as its current facade tries to remember the small nuances we pass by in inventing this hypertext medium.