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Welcome to my Fedwiki. My name is M C Morgan.

# for summer 2018

Fedwiki and Chora or Heuretic Invention

# past

Currently federated wiki software as a Node.js package ready to run on a variety of platforms. This is usefully run on a personal laptop or an industrial server in the cloud. The server software supports a multi-tenant "farm" option useful for small groups or heavy users. npm

Here we collect notes and ideas about how The Federation should evolve - where it is going. See Changes to the Future.

Here we list all the sites we can find in the Federation to do with the way Federated Wiki functions:

Pages where we do and share.

Below we list recent changes from contributors below writing specifically on topics of relevance to the Future of the Federation:

Here we list some current Issues with Fedwiki attached Screen-casts.

Foraging is searching for wild food resources. This page is where I log my attempts to find food, or places where I may find food in the future.