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Welcome to this Federated Wiki site. From this page you can find who we are and what we do. New sites provide this information and then claim the site as their own. You will need your own site to participate.

Federated Wiki sites share pages circulating within a creative commons. A single-page browser application can read from many sites at once and save changes in that browser. Users who host their own sites can login there to have their edits shared back to the federation as they edit.

A commonplace book of fedwiki and other sources for projects.

Wikis Spring 2016 - a sample for Weblogs and Wikis

from Teaching Machines Mar 2015

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We show you what we find interesting in the federation and suggest how you can make yourself at home here.

Start by creating a 'droplet' after creating an account and logging in at Digital Ocean. website

Here we present for refinement some of the fundamental writing practices for a FedWiki genre. The wiki genre facilitates readers and writers aiming to capture, share, and reuse networked community knowledge.


You can edit your copy of these pages. Press [+] to add more writing spaces. Read How to Wiki for more ideas. Follow Recent Changes here and nearby.

Your pages are yours and you should have them safely saved and backed up on your own computers. This is easy to do. Just grab the export and keep it safe.