Proposal of Ease of Use and Difficult to Learn

for GPACW 2015 website

Ease of Use and Difficult to Learn: Augmenting Writing in FedWiki Wikis have become mainstream as collaborative writing environments, and the writing practices that wikis support have become naturalized. But the recent introduction of a new wiki model of FedWiki challenges those practices. The shift from writing for the centralized wiki model to writing for a federated wiki reveals tensions between augmentation and ease of use. This presentation brings news to the conference of the current development of FedWiki, and uses the introduction of FedWiki to think through how ease of use can short-circuit learning. Augmentation, FedWiki tells us, is difficult to learn. Backstory available from Ward Cunningham: FedWiki page

Submitted 21 Aug 2015

Accepted 12 Sep 2015