mar 2015

A fork from Ward: Fedwiki as Memex-Journal - Steno

OpenEd Draft 2015: As a participant in the Teaching Machines Happening, and a long-time user of traditional wikis, it struck me that there was much that is new.


Try moving material from trunk to this wiki to see how to do it and how it works. Document it Moving from Trunk, supercharged notebook.

OpenEd Proposal 2015: Patterns of Writing in a Fed Wiki Class. Not accepted.


Experiment with Pinboard - return to experiment more


Draft - Ease of Use and Difficult to Learn to submit to GPACW 2015. The process is to draft in this node, refine, then drag paras into a final node for final editing, leaving this node with scrap of what hasn't been used. Not sure how to distribute - likely by posting to blog but also keeping the original document alive on this journal.

Also, June work going on with Composing in FedWiki

Thinking about Annotations as sparked by Mike C's page.

Embed, Link To, Copy, Fork. Considering ways of working from an existing text.


Posted a blog post about linking in response to Mike C's consideration of liking as annotation: how we might link . Fundamental to re-usability and circulation seems to be keeping links separate from the text flow in some way. By layout, or, in FedWiki, by letting everyone own a copy. Mike C notes that as an article circulates, it accrues links as annotations - links to commentary, additional perspectives, etc - all stuff that the author/s don't own. New stuff.

What is scholarly work?


Still working with on Draft - Ease of Use and Difficult to Learn. There are a few new notes related to this over at my sfw.

14 Aug 2015 Some constraints of fedwiki that direct its use. Not a publishing platform.

Write the Docs Video of Ward speaking to tech writers with my notes and summary transcript.

Proposal of Ease of Use and Difficult to Learn for GPACW 2015. Accepted in Sep for presentation in Oct.

october 2015

A FedWiki Style Sheet, adapted from FedWiki Writing Competencies, M Caufield. google doc 5 Oct 2015

Writing in the presence of rampant forking calls into question what it means to write and how to do it well.

We recognize patterns in our work and patterns in the work of others we aspire to employ. We'll start with a list but expect this to grow into a system called a pattern language.

sept 2016

Publics instead of communities. Inside and between publics, we can think about rhetorical recirculation.

Rhetorical Velocity, from Sheridan, Ridolfo, and Michel

Forked Conduit Metaphor and revised it to reflect why it's been set aside.

An experienced user is limited by the number of things you require them to consider, but not the originality of those thing. Therefore, make and experience simple things before you offer other options.

Here we take a first look at how we can use the Fedwiki Lineup to author linear content such as a Keynote / Powerpoint style presentation.

The Activity plugin lists pages found in sitemaps retrieved from federated wiki sites mentioned on pages you have visited. These sites comprise your search neighborhood.

feb 2017


Returning to Fedwiki Whether for a holiday or a long-term stay, I’m not sure yet.


Federated wiki helps us share information, think and work with that information, and build it up into our own version of a world encyclopedia. As such, it carries deep connections with evolutionary biology and the transmission of biological information. This idea has been introduced in this happening in the Alternate Vision.

Doing some work towards IndyWeb( and [Getting Started]( Proceeds slowly because information and procedures are scattered. <a href="">Getting Started</a>