Glosses in FedWiki

We think about how to title and use the titles of FedWiki notes and links starting with how McL used the idea of the gloss in GG (so Lamberti notes) - as a probe, a heuristic.

I did some work with this idea of the WikiWordAsAGloss in writing about traditional wikis. FedWiki and a re-consideration of McLuha's mosaic method in GG reopens the idea.

On a traditional wiki, the title / gloss is a link to a new page. Doesn't need to be so on FedWiki.

On a traditional wiki, the title activated the other users of that wiki. On FedWiki, its reach is further, to the neighborhood.

I'm not really suggesting that titles in FedWiki should be themselves glosses: glosses are propositions, assertions, aphoristic, paratactic - and probably too long for wiki titles. But as the traditional WikiWord could be a telegraphed version of an assertion (WhyWiki? WhyNotWiki? et al), so FedWiki titles may be constructed as, in good Lewis Carroll style, the name of the aphorism.