First Questions for Participants of Happening

I'm interested in everything, from interesting stuff to complaints. Interested in composing process - cognitive and physical stumbles and successes, in part, and how you addressed them. But also looking at rhetorical matters such as how to name the note, starting with a summary or not, how to get started, how to proceed ... Mike gave us all some direction in the assignments but not everyone followed that.

I'm watching for strategies others can use - effective ways of using fedwiki affordances, and ways of leveraging and encountering constraints. Anything helps. Even a rant or screed.

what I'm interested in is how we proceeded - what signals we picked up. if we composed to present stuff or to encourage forking.

Did you tend to follow the procedural advice? Follow it for a while then abandon it? Something else?

Did you write to encourage forking? What did you do to encourage it?

Some seeing it as useful for notes but not developing documents. Elaboration on that?

What does it seem good *for*? Collective writing, or more individual work that might be forked by others for their own use - or something else? Eg collective or collaborative notebook or individual notes or notebooks.

Just want to pick up a first sense of this thing as a space for writing. Bell's first words over the telephone were "Watson, come here I need you." Edison recited Mary Had a little Lamb into the first gramophone. Englebart saw NLS as a good space for making a shopping list. Mother of All Demos, so no task is too trivial.

What do you see it as? Scrapbook? Notebook? Codex? etc and some suggestion as to why, with respect to process and presentation.