FedWiki for Notetaking

All the usual warning apply: can't edit on a tablet - it needs a mouse. Changing a note name means re-organizing content into a new note.

Strengths in collecting and re-organizing notes by cross-column refactoring.

Strengths in speed of creation of pages, use of templates.

Strengths in drawing on notes from other fedwiki sites and other html sites. But as it stands, most stuff has to be copy and pasted in. Some text blocks can be dragged.

Weakness in getting content into the pages - as of now. What would be needed are plugins.

Keeping things tidy means actually working through a note to make it cohere pretty early. One idea per note become not essential but radically important.

A fork from Ward: Fedwiki as Memex-Journal. Ward is thinking about a memex-style journal, perhaps called Steno, that would have the advantage of being able to collect bits and bobs that we already post to social media spaces, connect them, and reflect on them. Because content is linked, and the individual wiki is federated in a larger neighborhood, it becomes a networked notebook.