Fedwiki and Chora

Ulmer introduces heuretic invention as a method more suited to electracity than the topics.

It's particularly attractive to fedwiki work through its overlap with architecture and Pattern Language. That overlap comes via Derrida and Christopher Alexander. Derrida would deconstruct pattern languages in order to make them more potent.

## notes as of 6 Apr 2018

Chora is a place where the ideal meets the material: where Platonic forms become material objects. A caldron, a site of nurture, a function of a heuristic.

As a method it is a method that is invented as it proceeds. - ... - collect what is doubt into a set unified by a pattern of repetitions. Ulmer 56. Research based on overlap of place and time. Focus on the material rather than abstract, spiritual. Architectural. Research based on moving through a field of objects, texts, artifacts, video, audio ... and creating a path or collection by a pattern of repetition. Architecturally. The logic is based on the overlap of meaning of //premises//. As propositional statements and as places, bounded spaces of land. One moves through and creates a diegesis of events selected from the ground. The diegesis is not just found but constructed from what's found. The pattern emerges in the diegesis. The diegesis is the material premises in their pattern of repetition. A figure in a carpet. One thinks intuitively in heuretic invention. What is natural to think. What is natural is stereotype, and stereotypes collected is ideology. What emerges from the premises is the ideology of the matter. 58