Continuing Discussion on Writing

6 Apr 2018 The discussion on fedwiki writing continues, so it's time to introduce perhaps a couple of new ideas:

Review entries from Changes to the Future

Here are a few of the recent entries to address:

I was provoked into writing this following discussion with Dil Green about writing in Fedwiki. His complaint I thought was a bit unfair, but as with any such encounter, it is important to dig deep and not react with easy defensiveness.

Here we should try to define clearly what federated writing is. So far we have:

Our culture has evolved means for us to organize the little things we can do with our basic capabilities so that we can derive comprehension from truly complex situations, and accomplish the processes of deriving and implementing problem solutions. The ways in which human capabilities are thus extended are here called augmentation means, and we define four basic classes of them. report

Double-square-brackets makes a word or phrase into a hyperlink. This works best if the link is surrounded by words or placed in a context that makes it clear to a reader when thy might benefit from a shift of context.

Here we present for refinement some of the fundamental writing practices for a FedWiki genre. The wiki genre facilitates readers and writers aiming to capture, share, and reuse networked community knowledge.